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  • Burning Saturn Part V

    This was one of the major barriers I came across when working on the Saturniids. I have no popular metatext to pull from, and thus anything that stands out in the lifepaths is actively creating a new textual material readers will experience for the first time. Without originality I am left with something that feels…

  • Burning Saturn Part IV

    This post was originally going to cover lifepaths, however after my last post I received some interesting feedback from friends and online community members. Today I’ll be exploring a few of the topics that came up – mostly in relation to Synchronicity and the Steel attribute.

  • Burning Saturn Part III

    I am left wondering if perhaps someone at Burning Wheel HQ tried to enter my dreams to prevent the horror that will surely result from a novice writing an Emotional Attribute.

  • Burning Saturn Part II

    In my last post I established the core concept for the Stock – Saturniids, who are essentially moth people. Today I’ll be solidifying ideas into Traits, and figuring out what precisely will be our standard issue collection of Common Traits all Saturniids possess.

  • Burning Saturn Part I

    Materially my concept is an absent-minded species of mothfolk. Thematically they explore cognition including the nature of memory, self, and the importance of mutual aid. All of my choices in designing the Stock should realize the synthesis of the material and thematic.

  • TACT, Deadly or Otherwise

    I found myself in a Dungeon Crawl Classics session with a player anxious about character deaths, and a GM who struggled to process the actions of a dozen player characters simultaneously. I was asked to create something that would make the game more accessible to the group. Something that gives more control over death without…

  • Class: The Hearthwarden

    Every adventure has it’s caretakers. Those who cook the food, purchase the supplies, watch the wagons, bandage the wounded, polish the armor, tend to the fires, and aid their allies in a million other mundane ways often overlooked in the heroic narrative.

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