Category: Lost In Thought

  • Herbalism in TTRPGs: A Symptom of Yearning For More in a World of Deprivations

    In the chaotic and alienated world of late-stage capitalism, the desire to unplug and return to a simple (if romanticized) lifestyle is commonplace. It should hardly be surprising that medieval fantasy games are also seen as an outlet, as their common tropes emphasize each distinct component: the simplicity of per-industrial times, exploration in nature, and…

  • What’s in a word? Spell Memorization

    To memorize something is a mundane task we have all done at some point, and for me it conjures up the drudgery of flash cards and play rehearsals. That the memorization is typically done from books further cements this association in my mind.

  • Eleven Years Of Peace (Part I)

    There is a certain expectation that adventurers live busy lives. Ruins are explored in a few days, clues lead to a week of travel, upon which they meet an important character… One thing leads to another and rarely does an adventure slow down. As the game progresses the stakes grow tall and the pursuit of…

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