Meet The Sphinx

The Sphingean Menace has been involved in tabletop roleplaying for about fifteen years. She has a particular interest in exploring the unearthly and the inhuman – with an emphasis on the mundane lives of strange creatures living in strange worlds.

They also happen to be a patron of the OSR community, sharing a keen interest in the concepts of emergent narratives and the idea of the game master as the impartial narrator of the world rather than the storyteller writing for an audience.

In addition to the occasional work of custom content for established games, they have been working on a game that emphasizes fantasy worlds and their various societies rather than the individual heroes who dominate more traditional games.

Outside of roleplaying they are interested in ecology, economics, engineering, and outdated technology.

If you would like to prostrate yourself before the Sphinx, feel free to send an email to Sphingean.Menace(at)

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